Speaker date Title audio
video resources
Sherman Hong 12/29/2018 Allow God His Place; and Find Yours audio YouTube
Mark Herscher 12/22/2018 God's Unspeakable Gift audio  YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 12/15/2018 The Wonders of Christmas audio YouTube
Luke Herscher 12/08/2018 Sermon on the Mount part 12 audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 12/01/2018 Protecting Others audio YouTube
Mike Flick 11/24/2017 lThanksgiving audio YouTube
Milo Academy 11/17/2018 Bell Ringers and Voice YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 11/17/2018 Defense Through Disarmament audio YouTube
Mark Herscher 11/10/2018 The Everlasting Father audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 11/03/2018 Living Nonviolently in a Violent World audio YouTube
Sherman Hong 10/27/2018 Lost and Found audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 10/20/2018 Faith is the Victory audio YouTube
Luke Herscher 10/13/2018 Sermon on the Mount part 11 audio YouTube
Pastor Melashenko 10/06/2018 Into All the World??? without music audio YouTube
Pastor Melashenko 10/06/2018 Into All the World??? with music audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 09/29/2018 God's Eternal Purpose part 3- Forgiveness audio YouTube
Luke Herscher 09/22/2018 Sermon on the Mount part 10  audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 09/15/2018 God's Eternal Purpose part 2 audio YouTube
Mark Herscher 09/08/2018 Now About Those Plans
audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 09/01/2018 God's Eternal Purpose
audio YouTube
Sherman Hong 08/25/2018 We are Related to God
audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 08/18/2018 All to the Glory of God audio YouTube
Pastor Eugene Torres 08/11/2018 The Gift of Life audio YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 08/04/2018 Finding the Lost 
audio YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 08/03/2018 So Many Denominationst YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 08/02/2018 Graduation Mission College YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 08/01/2018 Seal of God YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/31/2018 The Mark of the Beast YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/29/2018 Pagan Practices Introduced into Christianity YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/28/2018 Connecting to the Power YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/28/2018 Life After Rock Around the Clock audio YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/25/2018 Revelation Reveals the Truth about Heaven YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/24/2018 Revelation Reveals the Secret of Death YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/22/2018 Revelation's Rebirth and Renewal YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/21/2018 Behold! The Bridegroom Cometh YouTube
Mike Plant 07/21/2018 The Touch of Elisha's Bones audio YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/20/2018 How to Get Rid of Your Guilt YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/18/2018 Iraq's Role in Bible Prophecy YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/17/2018 Battle for the Mind YouTube
Pastor LouisTorres 07/16/2018 Revelation's Answer for Human Suffering YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/15/2018 Seven Seals of Revelation YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/14/2018 The Revelation of Jesus Christ audio YouTube
Pastor Louis Torres 07/14/2018 Undelivered Message audio YouTube
Mark Herscher 07/11/2018 End Time Events 4 YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 07/07/2018 He Led Captivity Captive audio YouTube
Roseburg SDA Choir 06/30/2018 Legacy of Faith YouTube
Mike Flick 06/30/2018 God Our Father audio YouTube
Luke Herscher 06/23/2018 Sermon on the Mount- part 9 audio YouTube
Mark Herscher 06/20/2018 End Time Events 2 YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 06/16/2018 Ablaze for God audio YouTube
Mark Herscher 06/13/2018 End Time Events YouTube
Sherman Hong 06/09/2018 iThe Primacy of God audio
Pastor Harbour 06/02/2018 The Hiding of God's Power audio YouTube commentaries
Luke Herscher 05/26/2018 A Jar of Oil audio YouTube
Dr. Leonard Brand 05/19/2018 Introduction to the Fossil Record- Questions YouTube
Dr. Leonard Brand 05/19/2018 Introduction to the Fossil Record
Dr. Leonard Brand 05/18/2018 Genesis An Asset to Science YouTube
Dr. Leonard Brand 05/18/2018 The Flood Good News and Bad YouTube
Dr. Leonard Brand 05/19/2018 Can Evolution Survive the New Biological Insights? YouTube
Dr. Leonard Brand 05/19/2018 The Bible and Geological Time- Why Does it Matter? YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 05/16/2018 Secrets to Living Stronger and Longer- session 3
Tony Clifton 05/12/2018 Shall He Find Faith On The Earth? audio  
Pastor Scalfani 05/09/2018 Secrets to Living Stronger and Longer- session 2
Pastor Scalfani 05/05/2018 Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go
audio         YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 05/02/2018 Secrets to Living Stronger and Longer- session 1                YouTube
Mike Plant                   04/28/2018   Lessons from the Water Cooler audio         YouTube
Pastor Scalfani            04/25/2018   Prophecies of Hope 11- Revelation's 1,000 Years YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 04/21/2018 Gideon- Our God is Near at Hand audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 04/18/2018 Prophecies of Hope 23- Prophets and Prophecy YouTube
The Richards 04/14/2018 Give Me Jesus YouTube
Wendell Davis 04/14/2018 A Life Worth Living- part 2 audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 04/11/2018 Prophecies of Hope 13- The Second Coming of Jesus YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 04/07/2018 From Carnal to Spiritual Christians audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 04/04/2018 Prophecies of Hope 21-  In Search pf the Church YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 03/31/2018 The Cross of Jesus audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 03/28/2018 Prophecies of Hope 17- The Messiah and the Judgment YouTube
Virgil Russell 03/24/2018 Having New Eyesight audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 03/21/2018 Prophecies of Hope 16- Rebuilding the Temple  YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 03/17/2018 Gideon: From Doubt to Faith audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 03/14/2018 Prophecies of Hope 20- The United States in Bible Prophecy
The Richards 03/10/2018 Forgiven YouTube
Mark Herscher 03/10/2018 When Jesus Speaks audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 03/07/2018 Prophecies of Hope 19- The Mark of the Beast
Pastor Scalfani 03/03/2018 How to Prepare for the Coming Apocalypse part 2 audio YouTube
Tony Clifton 02/24/2018 Living Love in the Judgment Hour audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 02/21/2018 Prophecies of Hope 22- The Fall of Babylon YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 02/17/2018 How to Prepare for the Apocalypse audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 02/14/2018 Prophecies of Hope 12- Would God Really Do That? YouTube
Sherman Hong 02/10/2017 God Knows Us (and He Still Loves Us)
audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfan 02/07/2017 Prophecies of Hope 10- The Mystery of Death YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 03/03/2018 Abiding in Christ audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 01/31/2018 Prophecies of Hope 8- The Day that Disappeared YouTube
Luke Herscher 01/27/2018 Sermon on the Mount part 8 audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 01/24/2018 Prophecies of Hope 6- Peace on Earth YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 01/20/2018 The Portrait of God Revealed in the Torah audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 01/17/2018 Prophecies of Hope 18- The Mystery Beast of Revelation YouTube
Mike Plant 01/13/2018 The Door audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 01/10/2018 Prophecies of Hope 4- A Planet in Crisis YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 01/06/2018 Getting Our Priorities Straight audio YouTube