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The General Conference Office of General Counsel (OGC) has launched a new web site to make it easier for church members to find Adventist lawyers in different parts of the world and to share pertinent legal updates with the Adventist legal community. The site now has the names and areas of practice for about 1,000 Adventist lawyers all over the world. The web site will also have articles, news releases, case updates, and a roster for law students to register. For more information visit

Friends For Jesus a group of dedicated Christian women share Jesus with articles, testimonies, stories, devotionals, and nature pictures. They offer hope, and peace in Jesus. View this site and join us in prayer for the many who search for and find the Gospel story and are lead in the Sinners prayer. Every day individuals from around the world, searching are finding Friends For Jesus pages of Hope. Praise God! 

Adventist Children's Ministries Association (ACMA) — ACMA is an initiative of the North American Division Children's Ministries Department. ACMA exists to support pastors, parents, Sabbath School teachers, and others who minister to children. Their Web site offers resources and teaching tools, as well as information about seminars and teaching certification. You will also find information on their site about how to have a family friendly church and many other topics. This site is a great link to add to your own children's ministry or parent's page.

Geoscience Research Institute (GRI) — GRI exists to address issues of science and religion, particularly the theory of evolution. Established by the General Conference, GRI uses both science and revelation to study the question of origins. The GRI Web site has an exclusive area of their site just for teachers. It is also of value to any church member wanting to be more knowledgeable in answering questions about the Adventist viewpoint of origins—a good resource for both churches and schools.

Biblical Research Institute (BRI) — BRI, established by the General Conference, offers practical, doctrinal, and theological materials for Adventist Bible teachers, pastors, and interested church members. Their site is a great link for your church Sabbath School page to help members and visitors who want further study on certain topics.